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    To all Alabama State Public Safety Communication Officials. See below  concerning the procedure for licensing mobile and portable radios on Federal Interoperability Channels. I’ve attached the FCC Public Notice as well as FCC rule section 90.25 that lists the applicable channels. It might not be a bad idea to have these channels available in your ACU-1000, gateway, EMA Center, Command Center and/or 911 Center. Any questions you may call our friends at APCO-AFC for more information.

    -Eric Lindsey, Mobile County

    As many of you know, the FCC issued a Public Notice recently indicating that public safety agencies may now license mobile and portable radios on Federal interoperability channels.  You can refer folks to our website for additional information, including a copy of the Public Notice and the 90.25 rule section that lists the applicable channels.  APCO will process applications submitted through SpectrumWatch for a $100 admin/minor modification fee, which is posted on our Frequency Coordination Fee Schedule.  Applications must be submitted with a concurrence letter from the SWIC or state appointed official stating that the application conforms to the agreement with a Federal agency with a valid assignment from NTIA. 

    President Letter

    May 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our members for allowing me this opportunity to serve as President of our Chapter. I have worked in our profession for many years and have been a member of APCO for the past 18 years. I look forward to meeting and working with as many of you as possible during upcoming Quarterly Meetings and Conferences throughout 2018-2019.

    The Alabama APCO Chapter came into existence in 1978 and we are still moving forward. I encourage each one of you, all 589 members to become involved with our Chapter. Please reach out to any of our Officers with your ideas, questions or concerns. We want to know how to better serve you and keep our chapter strong.


    Sandi Jarrett

    Alabama APCO President