Scholarship 2021

    The Alabama Chapter of APCO started the APCO Scholarship in the year 2012 and the first scholarship of $500 was awarded in 2013. The Alabama Chapter of APCO wanted to do something to assist our members and first responders with the cost of college and to allow their family members the benefit of a better education. To receive the scholarship you must be the son, daughter, granddaughter or grandson of a current Alabama APCO member and you must be either an entering freshman or returning full-time college student. At the 2016 business meeting in April, it was decided to award 4 scholarships in the amount of $500 instead of two scholarships for $1,000. At this time, we have four scholarships available for the top four applicants. The Alabama Chapter of APCO is very proud to offer this great opportunity to deserving students that strive for excellence and work hard to achieve their goals. 

    2020 Scholarship Due by April 1, 2021

    Click HERE for the Application.

    Past Recipients

    2019 Recipients: 

    Chyna Little ($500)  

    Jarmarcus Brown ($500)

    Kasey Lea ($500)

    Tytiana Hill ($500)


    2018 Recipients: 

    Adam Godsy ($500)  

    Emily Jarrett ($500)

    Chyna Little ($500)

    Steven Webb($500)


    2017 Recipients: 

    Adam Godsy ($500)  

    Emily Jarrett ($500)

    Jake Davis ($500)

    Jarod Lowe ($500)


    2016 Recipients: 

    Samantha Stamnes ($1,000)  

    Wallace Morris ($1,000)


     2015 Recipients: 

    Taylor Lowe ($1,000)  

    Will Neugent ($1,000)


    2014 Recipients:

    Taylor Lowe ($1,000)  

    Austin Harrison ($1,000)


    2013 Recipients:

    Austin Harrison ($500)

    Darius Anderson ($500)